Wednesday, March 15, 2006
9:37 PM

well today i feel.... hmm??

i have NO idea

all i know is that i cant WAIT until tommorrow! cuz at skool we usually wear uniforms and since friday is St. Patrick's day, tommorrow (thursday) is a pep rally and we get to wear a green shirt and jeans!!! YAYYYY!!! hahahahaha. and then on friday we can wear green shirts as long as we wear uniform pants. *shrug* better than nothing


o ya and im also exited tommorrow b/c----------------------


Monday, March 13, 2006
8:30 PM

well, earlier today i was feeling like $h1t. but i think i might be a little better.. i guess

woo today sucked. i really wish [inster thinkg i really wish here]. man, whyyyyyy?

u kno, i really need to loosen up. DANGIT!


Sunday, March 12, 2006
1:42 PM

wow i think im finally warming up to this layout! *pokes it* ^.^

omg and guess wat??! i have a NEW BLOG!!! well its not like a DIARY blog. ok you know how i like.. make stuff like graphics, blends ect.? well now i have a blog for all THAT! b-b-b-b-booya!!! CLICK HERE

ok so moving on

today is really dull. and to top it all off, my feet are cold! i mean, usually its my hands that are the cold ones but now my feet are cold. *rolls eyes*

i wish i had some money! MANNN!! im like completely broke and i want to but sumthin from hollister! *crosses arms* goshdarn i dont get any allowance or lunch money to save or nuthin. crappens

EDIT:::::AAACK!!! stupid geocities said, "Sorry, you've exceeded your hourly data transfer limit. Your site is currently unavailable." so obviously you guyz can see the layout i was finally warming up to. *rolls eyes at stupid geocities*... maybe i should switch to photobucket.. hm??

EDIT#2:::::YAY! i switched to photobucket because geocities was already getting on my nerves anyway.... hopefully photobucket doesnt have an "hourly data transfer limit"

EDIT#3::::HOLY CRUD!!!!!!!!!!!!! photobucket makes my images look like CRUD!!!!!!! *swicthes back to geocities and waits for my site to be available again*


Saturday, March 11, 2006
11:33 AM

u like da new layout??? not sure im too fond of it. *sigh*

WO i havent written in like 5938283 YEARS! LOL!

im super bored, im so bored im watching Animal Planet. LOL hahaha i feel so pathetic.

I woke up at like 8:00 sumthin today which surprized me because thats super early 4 me. i wanted to sleep in! *tear*

omg u kno wut else i want? popcorn!!


Friday, February 03, 2006
5:08 PM

i havent writted in a while! woness

mkay 2day sum peeps r goin 2 boomers cuz our skool bought it for 2nite so it just our skool. i aint goin tho :(

OMG i love this soonng!!!! Im N Luv (Wit a Stripper) - T Pain feat Mike Jones

ok ya xD


Wednesday, January 18, 2006
7:52 PM

omg i remember when dat one song by JC Chasez called Some Girls (Dance With Women) was sooo popular! "Some girls dance with woooomen, knowin that it gets em ateeention, i wanna get in wiiiiit em, so pass me a drink and lets go" LOL

i dont wanna study for our finals! MAN! I am sooooooo gunna fail! argh!!

on the other hand I think the Snickers bar is starting to taste better each day and is starting to notice who's eating it. I think its biting back.... (NOTE: I am NOT insane. LOL!!!!!!!! Its a "secret code" so only people I tell about it know wut im talking about. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! if you think REALLY hard you might be able to figure it out)

my loius vuttion purse pimps urs.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006
9:19 PM

2day at skool wuz ok lol..

OMG MY LEG IS ASLEEP!!!!!! ahhh!!!! I hate it when that happens!

o ya u like da new layout? theres still sum stuff i gotta fix, but It'll do for now :)

EDIT:I kno, I kno, sum of the images r down but geocities it being weird. They'll be back soon :)


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